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Andrew Lloyd Webber

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Name: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Date of birth: 22nd of March 1948

He was born in: London / England

Hairs: brown

Eyes : brown



Mother Jean Webber & Father William Southcombe Lloyd Webber

Brother Julian Lloyd Webber ( born 1951 / Cellist )

Children; Sons Imogen & Nicholas,  Alastair & William

Daughter Isabella


Joseph and the amazing technicolored dreamcoat ( 1st of March 1968 ) 

Jesus Christ Superstar ( 12th of October 1971 )

Evita  ( 21st of June 1978 )

Cats ( 11th of May 1981 )

Starlight Express ( 27th of March 1984 )

The Phantom of the Opera ( 9th of October 1986 )

Aspects of Love ( 1989 )

Sunset Boulevard ( 12th of July 1993 )

Whistle down the wind ( 1997 )


Andrew Lloyd Webber was born 1948 in London. When he was twenty years old, he composed his first Musical Joseph and the amazing technicoloured dreamcoat.  Following Musicals were Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats (!) , Starlight Express, The Phantom of the Opera and Sunset Boulevard. The Queen gave him 1992 the title Knight of Art.  He became one of the most famous, most popular composers of the world!


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Andrew LLoyd Webber

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